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What Our Client’s Say About Us

My name is Dr. Donald Greenleaf and I am a retired dentist from the state of Washington, now residing nine months of the year in Bucerias, Mexico. I received my dental degree from the University of Oregon Dental School (now Oregon Health Sciences Center) in 1966 and practiced as a general dentist in Lakewood, Washington for twenty-nine years.

My wife and I have been living in the Bucerias area for the past nine years and during that time I have had occasion to visit the office of Dr. Adrian M. Malja for treatment on three occasions, each involving multiple appointments. The first was to remove decay from a tooth that had broken because of the underlying decay. As I was one week from returning home I requested that a temporary filling be placed. This temporary lasted without problem until I was able to see my dentist at home and he remarked at how thoroughly the decay had been removed.

The second appointment was to replace a small gold inlay that had fallen out after thirty years and again, my regular dentist was very impressed with the fit of the restoration. The third visit was because of pain due to an abscess on a lower molar and Dr. Malja prescribed an antibiotic that relieved the pain in just four days and then accomplished a very difficult (because of my age the canals are quite calcified) root canal followed by placement of a gold crown.

The first and third appointments involved lower teeth and Dr. Malja achieved profound anesthesia with just one completely painless injection. I was also impressed by the professional attitude of the staff, the cleanliness of the office and the rigorous adherence to sterile procedures.

I also found Dr. Malja to be very gentle and concerned with the condition of the patient, stopping frequently to ask about my comfort. I most certainly will return to his office if I should require any further dental treatment and would not hesitate to send any of my family or friends there.

If you would like to discuss further my experiences with Dr. Malja or my impressions of his office and staff, please do not hesitate to contact me by eMail.

I had big and complex dental issues as diagnosed by a periodontist and my regular dentist in the USA. I was referred to Dr. Malja by friends that had used him.

Dr. Malja’s diagnosis of my dental issues was exactly what had been diagnosed by my Periodontist and regular dentist in the US. Dr. Malja restored over 10 teeth with individual Crowns, Caps, one bridge, and one cantilever… maximizing use of “tooth space”. He also has performed root canal with less trauma than you typically would believe.

His professionalism is complemented by the friendliness and competence of his staff. Importantly, Dr. Malja continues to update and stay current with developments in the Dentistry field. This not only goes for his knowledge …but also with materials used.

The best testimony I can give about Dr. Malja … is that both my wife and I have been his patients for over ten years… and seek him out each year we visit Bucerias for checkups and any dental work required. Adrian speaks English and provides translation for Spanish Modismos.

Adrian gets extremely busy .. so set up your schedule early during you visit or preferably before. Hopefully, Adrian will continue his practice of pricing his services inexpensively, so we can continue to enjoy our “Dental Vacations” with the savings.

We discovered Dr. Adrian Malja eight years ago and he has been our Family Dentist ever since.

My husband Joe was in dire need of a lot of dental care due to an overbite. He also needed three implants. Dr. Adrian took on this huge task and worked many long hours, including about six hours on Christmas Day. His work is impeccable. After 18 crowns, and three implants my husband now has a great smile once again. Our family has been very pleased with the wonderful quality of his work. Dr. Adrian and his staff are most caring and compassionate and we would highly recommend their services.

My first visit to see Adrian was 3 years ago, I had lost a filling from one of my front teeth and was in pain. Through a friends recommendation, I called Adrian and he saw me before his office opened the next morning. I was nervous. I know that those needles for front teeth, make my eyes run, my nose run, and it feels like the needle is going up through to my eye ball. I know that those needles “normally” hurt. I don’t know what Adrian did, but I had almost no pain and definitely no tears.

We talked about veneers, crowns, and implants. Adrian gave me four options and I decided to go with the full crowns, implants, and a sinus lift. By the way Adrian’s quote was less than a quarter of what I was quoted for similar work in Canada.

Last year I decided to go for it. Not only do I have a beautiful smile, but I have teeth that now fill my mouth. I was cursed with small teeth and somehow Adrian managed to have larger crowns made for me that fill my mouth and look just terrific.

I can go on and on about the great service and the family feel of his business. However, the best I can say is that I have complete confidence in his abilities and those of his staff and would not hesitate to recommend him to friends and family.

I can highly recommend the services of Dr. Adrian Malja. It was 1 year ago when I first visited his office asking for the best option to improve my quality of life which was greatly affected because of my dental problems.

The best option was to extract all my teeth and replace them with porcelain implants. My teeth look now very nice and natural, I am very happy with the results. I thank Dr. Adrian and his attentive staff and I would also like to mention that their facilities and equipment are the best. His staff always treated me with the best care, respect and professionalism.

The prices are very affordable and compared with the U.S. or Canada up to 50% lower. If I could make a score for this dental office I would give 100 on quality, professionalism, care and kindness.

Just got back from a lot of work done by Dr. Malja. He is a pro with great demeanor and honest as the day is long. If you want to get your vacation paid for by seeing a dentist then go see Adrian.
I recently broke a tooth while in Bucerias and visited Dr. Adrian to have a crown done. I was very happy with my experience there and can’t thank him enough for ensuring that the work was done and done properly before I had to return home. When my permanent crown arrived from the lab, he wasn’t happy with the fit and sent it back. 3 days later (my last day before flying home) he worked late to finish the job, despite having to improvise due to his compressor breaking down, and the tooth feels great! Dr. Adrian is a very hard working, excellent dentist who obviously takes pride in his work and cares about his patients.

I would like to thank Adrian and all his staff for their friendly courteous service. Over the last 2 visits I have had 4 crowns performed and found their service both professional and timely.
The cost savings have paid for both my trips. I would encourage anyone who might be considering a dental holiday to consider Bucerias and Adrian’s Dental Clinic. Besides providing quality dental service Adrian and his staff have always worked very hard to comply with my tight flight schedule. For that I will always be grateful.

We both had our teeth cleaned while on vacation in Bucerias & were very satisfied with the process. …we would have no problem having major work done by Dr. Adrian.

Also realize how our dentists here in AB are over charging for the work they provide for patients.

Thanks to Dr. & staff 🙂

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